Project Support & Co-ordination

Are you feeling that there are ways to improve your IT systems, be it at home or at your office?

Maybe you have experienced a past project that took longer and cost more than anticipated (or necessary) due to miscommunication between people involved?

If you would really appreciate some assistance, be it with research, co-ordinating people, timescales, and communications including deciphering & speaking IT jargon for you, you need us.

Our Project Co-ordinators with their extensive IT background, combined with certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P provides an advance understanding of the influences language & communication and influences on human behaviour) enables them to consult with you to gain an in-depth and ecological understanding of your Home or Business IT Environment in relation to your desired outcomes and provide pre and concise communications to co-ordinate the appropriate teams & suppliers to ensure it is successfully achieve.

Many of the 3rd party providers do tend to implement their products in an “out of the box” method or based on past installations for ease, we appreciate that people can work differently and make it our responsibility to ensure 3rd party’s tailor and deliver to meet your home or business requirements to create the best solution possible.

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